hi! I'm jess!

I’m most commonly known for finding the fun in any situation (especially the messy ones) and breaking into dance at any given point. I love capturing and creating memories with friends (and that totally includes you if you’re here), and live for the crazy moments that come with that. 

More technically however I’m a Toowoomba photographer who wants to celebrate your moments with you! I love LOVE and want to capture ALL the love you have to give; from weddings, to births, to family lifestyle shoots, I want it all (slight HSM reference there for anyone who missed it - if you got it we will be BEST friends).

A photoshoot with me is honestly just a big day of fun but with a camera. I do my absolute best to make you feel comfortable and supported through the whole planning process; and especially on your big day. I’m very easily contactable and have many systems set up to make everything as painless for you as we can when it comes to your photos.

ditch the complicated.

I’m a travel fanatic, I’ve been on over 50 flights, and fully intend on hitting 100 within the next 5 years!

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I DREAM of shooting everywhere, anywhere new is a dream location for me; but some locations at the top of my list are: Switzerland, Italy and any sand dunes ever (seriously if you want sand dune portraits please contact me ASAP) 

I love to learn! I am constantly evolving my knowledge on photography and all things creative (I’m actually working towards my Diploma of Interior Design between photoshoots)

I’m the worst for not drinking enough water, but between everything else I do you can probably find me in it!

I’m a caffeine addict (and forever trying not to be)

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